Procrastination at it’s worst

I love looking at blogs of women who actually accomplish things…. here is my new favorite:

In thinking about Ally and Katie on a long plane ride, I thought her Airpline Art Binder would be perfect to send with Ally to keep her occupied (which is nearly impossible these days, she is so busy, busy, busy).

I knew I had some stiff interfacing because 31+ years ago I had the same sort of idea, but an entire book, the directions I found at some Humboldt County fabric store.  I had even started the little activity book, but never finished it for my firstborn, Aimee. 

I started digging this morning and found this:!

and this (poor Aimee never got her busy book):

and this:

Of course all the fabric is UGLY so I will have to recut everything out.  I even have a bunch of felt that will be perfect from Katie making Yo Gabba Gabba shirts.  Yes I have been a procrastinator for a long time.  Since this is one of my resolutions, to overcome my procrastination, I figure this is the first test.  Can I finish this in a week for my dear sweet granddaughter??

Well I am giving it a try