New Year 2011-New Intentions

It’s January 3rd, right?  Well this should tell you something about me that I am just now listing my resolutions or intentions….

1.  Read more.  My goal is 26 books this year.  I love all types of books and completed my first of 2011 this morning, Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.  I started it New Years Day.  Mmm…. now that I think about maybe that is why I have not posted my goals.  It was a good read.  I want to also mention the book I finished New Years Eve since it was such a good one.  Good Grief by Lolly Winston.  Both were definitely female books, both were even maybe a little predictable.  I read to be entertained mostly with a little thought provoking thrown in, and maybe even to educate myself once in a while.

2.  Lose 15 pounds by July 3rd.  I vow not to be the fat sister at this family wedding!

3.  Complete at least 5 quilts.  One for each of us “girls”.  That is myself, my 3 daughters and my granddaughter, who needs a new quilt from grandma.  I would also love to make one for each of my sisters, but that may be pushing it.  I made 3 quilts last year for my elderly mother, MIL and elderly neighbor who moved so far away to Minneapolis after her husband of about 50 years passed away this year. 

4.  Intend to take my medications each day and follow through with exercise as it is so important for my fibromyalgia diagnosis.  Continue to attend my pain group and participate in my weekly homework.

5.  Blog as a way to record my life since journaling has never worked for me.

6.  Squeeze each penny until it screams since I am no longer working and am not sure how long my disability will cause me to not be able to hold down a regular job.

7.  At the same time, use this time off wisely and accomplish some of the projects and get my home and life organized in a way I have never been able to (was it really because I had too much to do or am I hopeless?).  This resolution/intention in itself would cause me to make a list that would beome too long and overwhelming in itself!

8.  Be nicer to my husband.  One word….menopause.  Enough said.

9.  Make an effort to get out of the house more.

10.  Learn and try new things.

There I did it.  Now of course I want to continue gardening (or telling DH what needs to be done like yesterday when he pruned the roses, mowed the front lawn and trimmed back just about everything else).  I also need to read my bible more and quit praying as though I am demanding all the time!

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

One Response to New Year 2011-New Intentions

  1. Thanks for stoping by my blog today. I am definately going to be learning how to use that sewing machine this year if it kills me!
    I saw that you just finished Barefoot. Loved that book- I have read everything Elin Hilderbrand has written.

    Have a great weekend.

    PS- I cooked dinner – ONCE so far this year. ugh. Not a great start with THAT resolution! 🙂

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