12, oops now 11 days of freedom…..52 weeks!

DH has left for his annual convention and from San Diego is flying to South Carolina to visit our middle and youngest daughter along with her husband and our dear sweet granddaughter. 

I have such a long list of things to get done, but cannot push myself too hard because of my fibromyalgia.  The fibromyalgia, by the way, has been better in the past month or so, I think due to the dreaded word……EXERCISE!  Yes I have regularly been on my treadmill 45 minutes a day along with stretching.  This along with my vitamin/supplement regimen and prescription meds have enabled me to feel much better and do a little more around the house and outside of the house.

Yesterday I sewed all day on my youngest daughter’s quilt, which of course, I am not sure is as cute as I would like.  I am this way on most new quilts so I just need to continue and usually at some point I start to like it and by the end don’t want to give the quilt away (but I do). 

Here is my list:

  1. Paint kitchen cabinets.
  2. Put garden to bed for the winter.
  3. Clean and prepare guest room for guests the last weekend of the month.
  4. Clean bird poop off the north side of the house.
  5. Finish youngest daughter’s quilt top, start another?
  6. Lose 20 pounds…..okay okay I know I cannot do that.  But I would like to maybe lose 2?

Okay those are the big projects.  I have lots of smaller projects too. Like clean and organize the entire house!  Seriously I am trying to get back on track that started in January following Laura over at http://orgjunkie.com/

Head over and read the posts, the comments and the accomplishments.  It is inspiring.  Sometimes, however, life just gets in the way.  In my case, after coming home from visiting oldest daughter DH and I had our 35th high school reunion.  We were in the same graduating class and we had the very best time ever.  I think the older we get, the more fun it is to reconnect with our old friends.


Then I finally talked my 82-year-old mother into redecorating.  That involved 2 weeks of furniture shopping, carpet and paint shopping and helping get it finished.

Here is the before:

Notice the 25 year old ugly brown carpet and the early 80s style couch.


New carpet and pain, DH hanging curtains that were dry cleaned. I’m trying to figure out how to ditch DH’s favorite grey cotton knit shirts while he is gone….I hate those things!  That is his post-work outfit he puts on every day when he gets home.

and after:

Updated and beautiful.  Really it is.  Not sure the pictures do it justice. 

I also finished this:

which has been a monkey on my back.  I was just not excited about this quilt for great-nephew, but apparently he was when my sister took it down to the Bay Area last week.

I also found this:

and was so excited to see this:

I was so excited to see one of my favorite bloggers had arrived at my local nursery.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out they were talking about bulbs!

I did have a small organizing project in that I had to make space for the several items DH brought home for our anniversary.  I made the mistake of cruising Pier One with him one day and he went back and bought every single thing I picked up and said “This is cute”.  It did not mean I wanted it…..but I know he had fun doing it and I acted like I wanted them all.  This took some rearranging and adding back a glass shelf into our dining room cabinet.  I also had to reposition and clean out doggy treat area.  Let’s face it I don’t need an entire shelf for one dog’s treats!

Here is the before:

Behind the door:

No wonder Landon is a little chubby!

Here is the after:

The two right bottom shelves were my gifts which were a teapot and 2 matching cups and next row 6 pastel individual quiche/dessert dishes and a darling measuring cup set that look like cups!

So okay back on the wagon I go!

52 Weeks….Where Am I??

Spending such a long time gone from home really screws one up.  Add that to the fact that I am only home 2 weeks and off I am going again to visit my oldest daughter who lives in Reno, a good 6.5 hour drive away. 

I finally decided I must get my car looked at because when starting, sometimes it would go right back down to 0 RPMs and other times it would be fine.  But it happened at my doctor’s office the other day and it took forever for it to be normal without dying.

So after having my mother drive me in to pick up my car (please Lord, don’t ever make me ride with my mother again), I pay our beloved mechanic $600.00 and hear him tell me I must have new tires before driving to Reno.  Great didn’t I just put new tires on this dang car.  Oh that’s right, YD lived with us for 7 months and drove back and forth to San Diego how many times (12 hour drive).

So today’s organization is this:  Make a note in  my new Stephanie O’Shea planner to rotate my tires in 3 months or 6,000 miles.  Or maybe I will put a sticky note under the oil change sticker in my window.  SOMETHING.  How much money did I waste never rotating that last set of tires??

This week was DH’s birthday, his colonoscopy and then yesterday our 33rd wedding anniversary.  So this was not a normal week.  So I will entertain you with a shot of my new planner and my darling granddaughter at her 3rd birthday party, wearing the darling dress that I made her:

Oh yeah that’s my new gardening journal too!  Need to be able to remember what worked and what didn’t since my brain is not holding that information very well anymore.  Also I am on the shower challenge and doing well this week.  Thanks Stephanie!

Yes I know, too cute.  I cannot believe it is the first dress I have made my granddaughter.  Her baptismal gown was purchased by her Godmother, my oldest daughter….and not made from her mother’s wedding dress….but I did buy a pattern for one.  Maybe the next grandchild??? One can only hope…..and try to plan…..

So I need another week or two to get fully back into the swing of things.  Next week I will be sewing, sewing and sewing in Reno while OD is at work.  I am hoping  to get a few things done and maybe I will start my own pinterest.com boards….am I the only one who did not know about this fabulous site?  Saw my daughter on it one day and FELL IN LOVE.

I am raising my glass (of lemoncello, vodka and pelligrino with a twist of lemon) to all the participants who are keeping me at it and to Laura for hosting us each week from www.orgjunkie.com!

Taking a break…a long one…52 weeks.

I should say I am taking a break from my own house.  I am here in sweltering South Carolina, about as far from Northern California as you can get.

I will be here another 3 weeks and so far have done a few jobs around the house because my daughter is gone to a photo shoot that is taking her on a 4 day trip.

I hope to get a table and set up her sewing area as a surprise for her birthday August 24th.  I am itching to go to the Dollar Store for some baskets for above her washer and dryer and her pantry (from ideas here at www.orgjunkie.com.  Her house is new and she is very busy with my granddaughter and her photography business.

So I don’t have any pictures, just want to say hi and I will be back!  Right now I am enjoying every minute with my youngest daughter’s husband and son-in-law.  This is my first visit to South Carolina and it is lovely here on the coast…..just too hot and humid for me to do too much.  No wonder life is slower in the south!

52 Weeks-Happy update!

Well after the crappy week last week, I am happy to saw I was rewarded on Saturday when I took my mom to the local quilt show.  There I found something I have been waiting for and thought I would have to wait until October to get it.  Thank you Jesus!

Ruby I love you!

I knew there was no getting my craft/office/quilting room organized and that awful table in the garage without some help.  In case you have forgotten:

Help came in the form of a cedar lined cabinet from Costco:

Good grief what is that crap on my drainboard up there?  Anyhoo, this cabinet helped me with two areas of badness…my office/quilt/craft room and the table set up to hold my laundry so I do not have to bend over and over to sort laundry (I have fibromyalgia/connective tissue disorder/autoimmune disease/lupus or something like that).  Don’t ya just love all that empty space!  This is what used to sit in this space, nice enough, but not enough storage space, notice latest picture of my darling granddaughter?

First I switched out some bins to make sure I had matching ones for the cabinet.  I got a great buy on the bins as posted https://allysgrandma.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/holy-canvas-bins-batman/.

I organized some of my bins that had Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset, Mary Engelbreight, kids fabric, batiks, etc:

I am happy to report both areas are now much closer to how I want them to be.  I am not totally done with either area, but I am feeling much more comfortable in the areas and my creative juices are coming back.  So much so that I am going to a mini quilting retreat this weekend at http://scottiedogquilts.com/.  I called DH to tell him what I had decided yesteday and why didn’t he go camping (since he came home early last weekend to take me on my marathon medical appointment week).  He got home from work last night, packed up and left. Didn’t take much to push him out the door   His camping partner is retired, so he did the shopping while DH finished his work day and arranged the employees to cover the weekend.

DH was out and gone by 5:00 pm, just in time to call my next door neighbor to get caught up on the Batchelorette.  Perfect girl’s night in.  Here are my after pictures:

Isn’t it pretty, all bins filled with fabric and the top a bunch of recipe books (and the rest are in DH’s TV room). I need to label the bins, heck some still have the price tags on them!

I know you are probably still horrified at all the stuff in my craft/office/quilting room, but believe me it feels so much better.  Same with the laundry area.  For me it is 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  This week felt like 3 steps forward!

So Laura, yes I am rewarding myself with hopefullyclose to a finished quilt top this weekend!  Go check out the accomplishments of the other participant at http://orgjunkie.com/2011/07/52-weeks-29-celebrate-your-accomplishments.html.

Thank you Laura and everyone for all the incentive to continue on this journey, slowly though I go!

52 Weeks…..I am not close to done, will I ever be?

I had a bad week again, starting on Monday in Redding, having nerve conduction studies, an EMG, then driving to San Francisco t see another doctor, then home on Tuesday.  Wednesday I realized that I did not have the energy to make the strawberry jam that we stopped north of Hopland at a strawberry farm where we bought a flat of strawberries.  Then on Thursday I had a skin biopsy.  The anesthetic started to wear off when he started stitching, but I just wanted it over with!

So this week’s organizing would be me making jam.  I did it over a 2 day period of time.  I sat and watched DropDead Diva (DVR’d) while I cut the litte tops off the strawberries.  I washed and dried them, placing them in the frig.  My dermatology appointment was not until 4:00 pm on Thursday, so first thing I ran down to Ace Hardware and bought new lids and some Certo, which is in new little cannister thingees.  Cheaper I think in the long run. 

I dumped the strawberries in my largest pot, added the sugar, the Certo and cooked meanwhile finding all my little empty pint jars and rings.  I ran the jars in the dishwasher, started my water bath canner heating up and the lids and rings in a smaller boiling pot.

I also cleaned off my washer and organized the cleaners on the bottom shelf.  We stopped in Santa Rosa to get gas on our way home from SF, but instead bought a thing to hang my laundry on and a scale.  I am keeping the scale in the dining room, isn’t that a good idea!  

So I hope this counts here is how I organized my strawberries:

These are my lids and rings with the strawberry jam and canner also heating up.

Filling the jars and below the jars after being pulled from their water bath.  Then listening for the ping as they seal. 

Also I did clean my laundry area a bit:

I know I have a lot of cleaners/laundrystuff, some given to me from my elderly neighbor when she moved.  Here is my cleaned off washer:

Oh look, the whites are in the washer.  Here they are on the new hanging laundry thing from Costco and my line:

And now just for fun/to make you all feel better….this is how my office looks and where I am spending my day or week getting our paperwork organized from all our medical bills and coming up with a financial plan since THAT IS MY JOB NOW!

Yes things are bad right now…….diving in!

52 weeks-Getting there one day at a time!

Okay knowing when is enough enough…..good topic.  I have to hand it to Laura at http://orgjunkie.com/ , she always makes me think!   I strugge with this issue with food and fabric.  Not clothes so much….even though I have plenty.  I had been thinking I had plenty of fabric and then one of my favorite on-line fabric stores had a geat sale and I picked up some jelly rolls for a great price.  In my defense of fabric buying, I actually use it:

Well okay a charm pack and a fat quarter bundle too!  I have plans for all of it now.  As far as food goes.  I do stock up when I find things that I use on sale. 

I was just talking to myMIL about donating some clothes to the women’s shelter. I have an entie work wardrobe I will probably never use again, since I have been diagnosed first with fibromyalgia…..and now lupus.  My doctor told me that I would not be able to work and I have to agree with her.

So I am going to work on going through my work wardrobe and get rid of it before they get yucky just from sitting in  closet.  I plan to keep a few for social events I may go to that my daily jeans and T-shirts would be inappropriate.

This week I worked hard on my sewing/craft room, but it is still a mess:

So this week’s actual organizing was to show you how I organize my drugs!

and as you can see, I bought a larger pill organizer because I take so many pills a day:

I have spent a lot of time outdoors, but today this got done (entryway table):

Kitchen, dining room, livingroom:

Notice the furniture crammed onto the carpet so the laminate could be mopped well?  Well I wish I could say it was me, but it wasn’t.  MyDH was embracing his inner homemaker and cleaned like a madwoman today while I finished up a quilt for our oldest daughter’s friend.

So Happy 4th of July to everyone! and Happy Anniversary (the 5th) to my youngest daughter and wonderful favorite (and only) SIL!

52 Weeks-Trying to get back to the swing of things!

Because of a recent visit from:

I didn’t get much done.  Flights into Humboldt are expensive, so I picked up and dropped off my daughter and granddaughter in Sacramento (approximately 5 hours away) .  Ally kept me busy all week.  My daughter was shooting a wedding and another family photo shoot.  We baked cupcakes and worked in the garden, picked strawberries, played and played and played. 

I got home Monday afternoon and it took another day to rest up and recuperate.  I had so much paperwork piling up I decided to concentrate on that this week.  First I took the stack and organized into like items:

1.  Mailed checks and cards to 4 graduates.

2.  Filled out form to transfer DH’s Roth IRA from one broker to another (have been meaning to do this for so long it’s embarrasing).

3.  Matched EOBs and medical pills.

4.  Paid bills for our rental home.

5.  Inventoried and did a little grocery shopping.

6.  Brought home granddog from Sacramento (older daughter met us overnight to see her sister and niece), who then ran herself ragged and could barely walk after 3 days. Took her to the vet.

7.  Took both dogs to groomers yesterday, then ran to town and ran errands.

8.  Filled out paperwork for county sheriff’s office for our new alarm system.

9.  Filled out pink slip, signing our oldest truck (#3) over to my older brother.  Our girls in Reno were using it, but they were done with it and let’s face it….3 trucks are too many!  My older brother had asked what we were going to do with it.  We decided to just give it to him since it needs new brakes and we don’t know what else may be wrong with it.  Every vehicle we have ever owned has been given or sold for a minimal amount to a family member…..how weird is that?  He paid to have it shipped from Reno to Washington State where he lives.

10.  Did laundry, cleaned floors, cleaned bathrooms, cooked some, cleaned kitchen every night, made coffee every night for the morning and took my meds. 

11.  Updated Quicken and balanced checking/savings accounts.

Today I ran to Kohl’s to spend my $30.00 in Kohl’s cash.  I took DH along and he bought 3 new shirts.  We paid $6.27 for them after using Kohl’s bucks.  Then I ran up to a friend/former coworker’s to say goodbye.  When I got to her house, I had to help her.  She only has until Tuesday to pack as escrow closes on her house and she is moving to Michigan from here in Northern California.  I started helping her pack her books…..oh my so many books she is moving….. and we finished up in about 3 hours.  I did take a few breaks, but by the time we were done, I was ready to quit. 

DH has gone camping with his hunting partner, so I have the weekend to myself.  If the weather is nice, I will work in the garden.  If it is not, I will work on the house, especially this:

I will be traveling next weekend to my nephew’s wedding in Washington State, but the really exciting thing is my sister bought me an Ikea bookcase that has cubbies that has an attached work desk.  So I really need to get my office/craft room ready to really get organized when I bring that home!  Good thing I bought all those Kohl’s baskets!

So in the meantime, I am going over to www.orgjunkie.com and checking out what everyone else is accomplishing.  I try to leave a comment on everyone’s entry, but sometimes blogs will not accept my comments.  I am not sure why, but I do try to read every entry.  It helps me so much!

Until next time……