Tuesday Garden Party

Aahh it’s Tuesday!  This weekend we had rain on Saturday briefly followed by more sun.  My husband decided to mow the lawn, but the lawnmower would not start.  We hauled it into the back of the truck and headed for http://millerfarmsnursery.com/ .  I said I would go too, acting like the good wife.  Once the lawnmower was installed in the service department, I said, “Let’s go look at the garden shop”.   It was pretty sparse, still early in the season, but found these beautiful primroses:

Yes that is a pumpkin there!  I have a bunch of nice pots from my elderly neighbor who moved to Minnesota to be near her son and daughter-in-law.  I got busy right away:

I put them out at the end of the driveway in the side yard on the display shelf also from my ex-neighbor (who is my total inspiration going into the second half of my life).

Please ignore the weeds, especially the one growing between the driveway and the border (I have fibromyalgia and cannot do as much as I would like)!  Here are some closeups:

Aren’t they pretty?  They had bright pink too, but I figured DH would be more likely to be enthusiastic if I picked these.  In other orange/ flower news, yesterday DH brought home Birds of Paradise:

I know I need to trim them, but I just wanted to stick them in water quick!  He also was given these by the same customer:

I made some into fresh squeezed OJ this morning and fed my DH along with this:

This is a recipe from http://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Italian-Simple-Delicious-Recipes/dp/1400052580/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296574667&sr=1-1

I forgot fontina cheese, so I substituted Kraft Mexican mix…haha.  I added spinach and 2 pieces of cooked bacon too.  It was yummy!  I used 3 eggs and 4 egg whites to make it a little bit lower in Power Points.  I need to put it in the recipe calculator at Weight Watchers to get the exact number.

The weather has been beautiful and my daffodils are about 4 inches high.  It won’t be long until they bloom! 

I am gardening for the first time in many years, but this year over winter my spinach, kale, arugula, turnips and lettuce all have survived and are producing.  We have a temperate climate here in Humboldt County so we can grow lots through the winter.  We are lucky!

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Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

One Response to Tuesday Garden Party

  1. Becky L. says:

    I’ve not got any primroses yet. Need to though…wait. I have trouble with the slugs eating them. I love the purple and pink primroses. Thanks for the inspiration of getting spring flowers. My daffodils are up not bloomed yet. Hugs!

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