52 Weeks of Organizing-Week #10 for me!!

I have the blahs, man o man do I have the blahs.  I just want to sleep.  It started Friday, I slept most of Saturday and continued today, though I have managed to stay awake AND post this.

I had a big project this week.  My youngest daughter and granddaughter lived with us from July or so of 2010 until January 13, 2011.  My SIL has been serving in Afghanistan and the girls lived with us for a lot of the time (SIL should be leaving Afghanistan soon). 

So YD’s bedroom became a throw everything in it kind of room and was a disaster.  I knew I really needed to get it cleaned up for another visit or maybe other visitors??

So here are the before pictures, from the doorway:

Notice the floor??? And my sweet Landon thinks this is his bed now.

Cricut YD got for Christmas from the in-laws, bridesmaid dress on the chest of drawers… all furniture from Ikea in the Bay Area.

Except the toddler bed from Walmart.

After a lot of sorting of toys and cleaning and getting rid of stuff, I have this:

and this:

It took DH over 2 weeks to paint this room in the evenings after work.  He worked it out on paper first, then numbered te squares taping them off.  This was my YD’s birthday present when she turned 17, I told her we would redo her room.  I never dreamed she would find this idea in a magazine and want it done.  But anything for our spoiled youngest daughter….

Anyway I did a little bit every day this last week.  The queen bedding is in the washer/dryer and I will finish the room up tomorrow.  In the meatime, it is looking pretty good:

Ally’s toddler bed with the little quilt I made for her.  Ikea cabinet at the end of the bed:

Yes that is a Children’s Bible next on the top shelf next to a porcelain tea party set.  I have already reviewed the pictures to make sure they do not traumatize my granddaughter……never mind, secret joke…..

 Ally loves Mr. Potato Head.  I am putting it up high so she hopefully will not notice it on her next visit, I could just hide it in the closet, where I am putting that other stuff from the floor.

And lastly, poor Landon, this is his last night on the bed…..he has to sleep in the man cave on a blanket.  I know he is going to miss the cozy red velveteen type bedspread that shows his white hair so well.

Whew, bedding is in the dryer now.  All  have to do is remake the bed and it is done.  The rumba did it’s thing under the beds and around the room today, after DH vacuumed as much as he could.  You could definitely tell that Landon spent a lot of time in that room.  I think there was probably enough dog hair to weave a small sweater!

Go check out more exciting before and after pics at www.orgjunkie.com !

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

2 Responses to 52 Weeks of Organizing-Week #10 for me!!

  1. Becky L. says:

    Good job! Love the walls, quite interesting! I worked on my kitchen last evening, still puttering in certain spots to clear it up. Little stuff that just needs to go bye bye! It’s getting there!
    I am going to paint this year. There is paint by Valspar that has primer in it. Since our walls need primed first, that is the way to go! Manufactured home walls need primed to make it better, since it’s wall board with that wallpaper stuff over it. Can’t take it off. Did walls last year in hallway. This year, it’s the dining room and kitchen backsplashes. With a little help from my tall girlfriend! Take care and hope you are feeling better soon. I have been sleep deprived and need to stay caught up! It’s always something, huh? Have a good week!

  2. The Bearded Iris says:

    Wow, that was a big project, mamacita! No wonder you are so pooped. Rest and rejuvenate – you deserve it! That room looks wonderful. And special thanks for the “secret joke!” So glad I can save at least one child from the nightmares my kids are having. 😉

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