52 Weeks-They’re Gone! Quick…Organize Something!!

I think I am going to quit the challenge.  It is not helping, I see no results, it is making my life more stressful, the other participants are uninspiring……APRIL FOOLS!!!

Busy happy fun week.  My daughter left last Friday for 4 days so I took care of Ally.  I will say once again you moms out there.  Just to keep the kids clean and fed takes a lot of time, much less the house, the husband/partner and yourself!!  Parenting young children is definitely not an easy task.  So start out by giving yourselves all a pat on the back just for that.   I spent a lot of time playing and observing play and just enjoying a happy granddaughter and my little neighbor.

Anyhoo that kept me hopping.  I have to admit I am going to miss Dancey Dance time….So no big project done this week, just trying to maintain….

Yesterday I woke up with tummy upset and did not feel like going to town to visit various members of DSIL’s family with daughter and granddaughter and as soon as they left, the first thought in my mind was the above.  I was busy from the minute they left until the minute I left for my weekly pain management group, grabbing a water, my notebook and the book we are reading in group…Managing Pain Before It Manages You.

While I did not organize something new, I did manage to put away my new freshly rinsed and dried brand new Vera Wang Bath Towels.  I went to Kohl’s on Wednesday armed with a $10.00 off any $20.00 purchase and my 20% of purchases coupon.  The towels were already 1/2 off so I got a great deal.  I decided to start buying all white towels when Mervyn’s closed (Kohl’s is there now) because I like being able to put a little bleach in them once in a while and it is just easier than trying to be matchy match.  Besides the fact I did not really get a decorating gene along with no organizing gene…..man my gene pool was lacking….

Your questions of the week:

  1. How far back does your magazine backlog go?  I only subscribe to 2, Martha Stewart (what a waste), I wanted the tote bag and thought “oh I’m a stay at home wife, maybe I will turn into Martha Stewart “(except for the insider trading) and Money (again what a waste).   Magazine articles are just recycled through the years…I’m old enough to not get much new out of them.
  2. Will you be able to part with some of them?  Just started reading the latest Money last night.  I have no trouble getting rid of mags.  I never buy them anymore and will not resubscribe to Martha, I may to Money…depends on how cheap they want to offer me.
  3. What area(s) are on your list for next week?  Going to San Diego to meet DSIL who is arriving home from his deployment in Afghanistan…..hoping to stop at Ikea in Sacramento on my way home!!!  Am spending every last minute enjoying my granddaughter and daughter and basking in the happiness a reunion will bring.  PS He has no idea they are meeting him in San Diego…he thinks they are waiting at home in South Carolina!!
  4. For fun…do you do your laundry folding standing up at a table or sitting down?  In front of the TV babyyy, thown on my bed….I check the news out usually and I cannot imagine just standing folding laundry either, though sometimes I do it at the dining room table while listening to talk radio if it is around dinnertime.   I could do an entire essay on how DVR changed my life! 

We leave Saturday for the 13 hour drive to San Diego…I only have a few days of prednisone left (I did get to sleep last night pretty good) and I certainly hope the effects on my pain last through next week.  I will send SIL, daughter and granddaughter off from there to fly home to South Carolina and my middle daughter and I will drive back to Sacramento, where I will drop her at her car (to head home to Reno) and I will drive on up and over to Humboldt County to home.  I am hoping to hit a few quilt shops along the way along with the stop at Ikea.  Aren’t Garmin’s neat??

I will be rejoining for week 14 and hope to come back with renewed energy for this year long process to finally once and for all organize my home!

So if you need some great ideas to get something done, reduce your stress level and make life a little easier, head over to the 52 week challenge at www.orgjunkie.com.  I continue to be inspired and get ideas from all participants who I again, say GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

18 Responses to 52 Weeks-They’re Gone! Quick…Organize Something!!

  1. Corrie says:

    Sometimes just keeping the things we’ve already done in order is a big enough job. After TroubleMaker’s party, I lamented to DH that the Cupboard of Doom was starting to look a little doomed again… So I know part of my tasks will include getting back on top of those things!

    Have fun at Ikea – I can’t imagine living in a city with out one! Send some sun up here too – I’m tired of the 3′ snow drifts!

  2. Looks like you have been busy! Thanks for leaving the comment on my site. I have to say as I scanned down your blog…. the leather chair or sofa looks like my leather sofa. Is that a chair or couch? lol
    We might be like “matchies!” lol same refrig.. same couch? lol
    Since you have been doing all your organizing, I thought you should know I have an organizing link party also! It starts on Mondays, but I keep it open most of the time. This one is open until next week if you want to link any of your posts up. http://www.organizewithsandy.com/2011/03/28/organizing-mission-monday-link-party-week-15/

    • allysgrandma says:

      Sandy we hate that recliner. Paid big money for it too. As soon as they brought it in the door, it shows the swivel thing and it is too puffy and makes our necks hurt!! I need to take some of the stuffing out of it.

  3. Shonda says:

    Thanks for hopping over to The Knowlton Nest. Yes, I hope to get a quilt going soon. It’s going to be small. I plan to make an I-spy quilt. My husband found the sewing table on Craigslist. PS. I see some quilts on the side of your blog. I hope someday to be really into it! I love the results of quilting!

  4. Carol says:

    There is a reason you have children at a young age. Everyone/thing has a season. Maintaining is a good thing especilly with lttle ones running around.
    Kohl’s is having a sale???? No way;) Enjoy your new towels!

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again! You always make me smile! Looks like you had a good time with your grandbaby! Very cute! Have a safe trip!

  6. Becky L. says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy your granddaughter and daughter this week. Hugs to you SIL for me, for his service. Have a safe trip. I didn’t do alot this week, spent some time researching medical stuff and thinking and trying not to cry much or get frustrated with waiting out for another dr appt to discuss non surgical options to fix abdominal problem. Life and then some. Have to start prednizone on Sunday now that I will have finished my antibiotic. I hope it’s not too bad on me, only take it 10 days. All for my ear issue. Hugs and blessings and need to go make dinner so chat with you later! 🙂

  7. Sue says:

    I have to tell you… You are a wonderful person. I go along on these blogs & get inspired & sometimes I leave a little note & sometimes I don’t…. I always seem to see a post from you & you’re always such an encouragement to all of these women (and men) out there who are trying to make a difference in their homes & lives. I know that even though I don’t know you & I’m sure that many of the people you post to don’t know you, YOU are a BLESSING!! Thank you AllysGrandma!! Hugs!!

    • The Bearded Iris says:

      I totally agree with Sue (who is also a blessing!). I just love reading your blog every week, AllysGrandma! It is a treat to read about how much you dote on your family and I am always inspired by your projects and your honest writing. Particularly given that you accomplish it all, and the gorgeous quilting, amidst battling your chronic pain.

      I love my Garmin too. And I love your Martha “except the insider trading” dig. And I cracked up at your April Fool’s joke.

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow, I was so worried when I read the first line of this post. What a trick! I don’t always write every week, but I have been following along with your progress. Sounds like you got a great deal on the towels. BTW I always use white towels too but I’ve found that using bleach is worse in the long run. Over time it turns them yellow and breaks down the fabric. I don’t have any outside space so I haven’t tested this myself, but if you have the space I hear that a little sunshine goes a long way when the whites need brightening.

    • The Bearded Iris says:

      Oh dang, really? I was about to go trade in my colorful towels for all white ones because it sounded like such a great idea. I try not to use bleach though too… but mostly because I ALWAYS get it on my clothes. Always. I am bleach challenged.

      • allysgrandma says:

        You don’t have to bleach them. I just do occasionally because of our damp climate. I want to make sure I kill the germs and yucky stuff. Also Iris, once again, I swear we are related somehow. I bought a cheapo knit shirt from Walmart. I loved it. It was $5.00 on clearance, long sleeve, navy pointelle knit with what looked like another shirt under it, totally comfey. The first time I wore it I was cleaning my bathroom, leaned on my tub and bleached out a spot in the middle. I have had that shirt for probably 5 years, is still my favorite hang out at home shirt, even with the bleach stain!

  9. Mara says:

    Glad you had fun with your granddaughters!

  10. Heather says:

    You had me fooled with your April Fools joke! Love reading your blog!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hope you’re feeling better. Love your blog! Your granddaughter is gorgeous, and so is her friend. I bet you had a lovely time with them.

  12. Martha (MM) says:

    I thought you were serious for a second about the challenge, lol! Have a wonderful trip, what a great surprise!

  13. margo says:

    love your baskets from kohls! I am going to have to run to mine and see if they have similar ones on sale. my husband doesn’t understand my slight obsession with containers and baskets, so it is so nice to know other people enjoy them too!

  14. Laura says:

    LOL…you really had me going with your first line. You should have seen how big my eyes got. Whew so glad you were kidding 🙂

    Good one!

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