52 Weeks…not a good one.


Okay it’s official, I get nothing done when I have an appointment.  I know it is mental.  The appointment only takes a few hours out of a day, but I can’t seem to start anything or accomplish anything on those days.  Unfortunately this week I had an MRI one day, started a new pain group on another day and had both a recheck with my rheumatologist and an appointment with my physical therapist who made my shoe inserts!  So okay I admit it I didn’t get anything new done this week.  I had a feeling this would happen so I decided to share some more cheap Kohl’s bin pictures and what I am doing with them.  If you don’t know about my great buy on bins you can review here:  https://allysgrandma.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/holy-canvas-bins-batman/

So without further ado, adu???

I think my camera is on the wrong settings, but this is our closet that had sweaters and sweatshirts falling out of these shelves.  I put the bins in to make it look nicer and I think it does (I guess I should take the price tags off).  I don’t have a before picture but you can imagine I’m sure.  Our closet has no door.  We took it off and DH built this closet himself.  I was very proud.  No one really comes in our bedroom other than family and I don’t care that the clothes are not covered, actually since it is on the north side of the house, it prevents dampness and mildew by having no door on it.  For some odd reason we have the smallest closet in the house.  Well the 4th bedroom also is this small, but the other two bedrooms have normal big closets. 

I used one large bin to put DH’s hunting clothes, hat and gloves in.  It fits on the top shelf of the closet.  

I can’t believe my post fits right in with Laura’s questions this week.

1.  Will you be tackling a closet this week?  If so, don’t forget to follow the PROCESS to make it quick and simple.
2.  Did you run into any road blocks last week?  See first paragrah.
3.  Since starting this challenge can you name one habit you’ve been able to develop that has stuck?  Keeping my drainboards cleared off for the most part! 

 Pop on over to Laura’s fabulous blog at http://orgjunkie.com/2011/04/52-weeks-15-organizing-closets.html for lots of inspiration!

 So that ends this week’s organizing feature!  I am hoping to do better next week!

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

6 Responses to 52 Weeks…not a good one.

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey! I think you are doing great…it is hard enough to clean/organize when you feel well but, to do it when you are in pain…WOW! Also, I’ve never had an MRI but I’ve had to watch by oldest have 4! She was 2, 3, 7, and 8 years old when she had them. She has to have another one sometime after October this year! Yuck! Take care!

  2. Becky L. says:

    Looks good to me. Get to feeling better, ok? Medical tests are no fun. Had 3 in one month and that was enough. I’m doing a bit at a time with organizing lately but every bit helps! Hugs!

  3. Rochelle says:

    Hey it’s ok. Sometimes it’s God’s way of showing you to refocus your priorities and your health is the most important priority! I learned the hard way a few months ago. There will be time to jump back into organizing. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. Oh, I so get what you’re saying… One little appointment can cause a huge shift in everything! It just gets the groove off. Next week will be better – hang in there!

  5. The Bearded Iris says:

    Yeah, give yourself a break, girlfriend! Some weeks are better than others. That’s true for everyone. There have been weeks when I know you’ve kicked some serious clutter booty. So take it easy for a while and come back strong!

    Those bins ARE fabulous and they look great in your closet! I’m hoping to make a dent in my closet this week too. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    I like your idea of storing gloves and small winter items in a bin and your husband did a great job on the closet. I would be proud, too!

    I’m like you – even if there is a small interruption in the day it seems to mess up the rest of the day.


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