Tuesday Garden Party-Thursday May 5, 2011

Whoever said “A woman’s work is never done” should have said, “A gardener’s work is never done”.  I have been working so hard and I swear it is never going to look like some of the beautiful gardens I see at www.anoregoncottage.com Tuesday Garden Party. 

Since my fibromyalgia has been renamed immune disorder and I am on some drugs that are working, I am finding I am back to my old self….sort of….I also have to remember I am 53, not 33 or even 43 anymore.  Okay having said all that, if you are not a regular reader of my blog…and let’s face it who is??, you will have missed the most exciting news of the past week which is our new patio!

We have waited over 10 years for something to go here:

 which now looks like this:

Why did we wait so long?  Well DH and I argued about whether to replace the deck (what he wanted) or have a patio (what I wanted).  Along with that was raising 3 daughters, the youngest who had us away from home so much with all her sporting activities.  Seriously we traveled so much with her, I could retire on the money we spent….only for her to up and get married a year out of high school….So then there was the new roof, the new car (paid for with cash), the wedding, and then of course the granddaughter…..and all the money we spent the six weeks I spent in North Carolina…..

Any excuse to show this favorite picture of me and my girls…..(Oprah I know your show is ending, can I please have a makeover so I am as beautiful as my daughters?)….

As usual I digress from the topic at hand.  Okay I have been working hard this week and just came in from planting the impatients that DH brought home from his trip to the bay area:

I also planted some sunflowers and bachelor buttons today and weeded our strawberries in one of our raised beds.  DH also brought home from Home Depot (we don’t have one in Humboldt County, nor a Walmart for that matter), tomato cages for our  tomatoes that I am feeling very hopeful about:

The strawberry patch area is in the far back that you can see in this picture.  I have weeded the closer bed and pulled out the overgrown arugula along with a huge flower that I thought DH was going to kill me for getting rid of.  It just took up too much of the raised bed.  I stuck a piece into the pot to the right of the far right tomato pot.  I hope it will grow, it was a nice flower, but had gotten completely out of hand:

My Lily of the Valley plants are reproducing.  I started with two from my elderly neighbor (who I miss so much), who moved to Minneapolis to be closer to her son and DIL after her DH passed away in November of 2009.  She was such an inspiration to me as is my own 81-year-old mother who spends her days in her yard, happily passing away the time.  I need to decide on an area for the Lily of the Valley plants soon, probably by next year:

This plant popped up in the area I planned to plant my sunflowers, but have no idea what it is or where it came from.   I did plant the gladiolas that you can see, but am curious as to what this is.  My DH thinks it is a weed!

My last picture is an Iris that I bought at http://www.sunvalleyfloral.com/thesunvalleygroup/index.cfm

Each year Sun Valley has a sale and plant show.  I did not go last year, but bought several bulbs over the years. 

I also planted impatients in my hanging baskets in the front yard, and a flower mixture my neighbor gave me along with my new gardening shoes.  I gotta take a picture of them!

I find all the posts very inspiring and even though I am not even close to some of the beautiful gardens, it is something I am striving for…I figure I have at least another 30 years to garden right??

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

One Response to Tuesday Garden Party-Thursday May 5, 2011

  1. Regular reader? Me! Me!

    Grateful for the Garden Party so I can get inspired by all those flowers and veggies. And from what I can tell, your patio will long outlast a wood deck in your climate, so…good move there.

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