52 Weeks…..I am not close to done, will I ever be?

I had a bad week again, starting on Monday in Redding, having nerve conduction studies, an EMG, then driving to San Francisco t see another doctor, then home on Tuesday.  Wednesday I realized that I did not have the energy to make the strawberry jam that we stopped north of Hopland at a strawberry farm where we bought a flat of strawberries.  Then on Thursday I had a skin biopsy.  The anesthetic started to wear off when he started stitching, but I just wanted it over with!

So this week’s organizing would be me making jam.  I did it over a 2 day period of time.  I sat and watched DropDead Diva (DVR’d) while I cut the litte tops off the strawberries.  I washed and dried them, placing them in the frig.  My dermatology appointment was not until 4:00 pm on Thursday, so first thing I ran down to Ace Hardware and bought new lids and some Certo, which is in new little cannister thingees.  Cheaper I think in the long run. 

I dumped the strawberries in my largest pot, added the sugar, the Certo and cooked meanwhile finding all my little empty pint jars and rings.  I ran the jars in the dishwasher, started my water bath canner heating up and the lids and rings in a smaller boiling pot.

I also cleaned off my washer and organized the cleaners on the bottom shelf.  We stopped in Santa Rosa to get gas on our way home from SF, but instead bought a thing to hang my laundry on and a scale.  I am keeping the scale in the dining room, isn’t that a good idea!  

So I hope this counts here is how I organized my strawberries:

These are my lids and rings with the strawberry jam and canner also heating up.

Filling the jars and below the jars after being pulled from their water bath.  Then listening for the ping as they seal. 

Also I did clean my laundry area a bit:

I know I have a lot of cleaners/laundrystuff, some given to me from my elderly neighbor when she moved.  Here is my cleaned off washer:

Oh look, the whites are in the washer.  Here they are on the new hanging laundry thing from Costco and my line:

And now just for fun/to make you all feel better….this is how my office looks and where I am spending my day or week getting our paperwork organized from all our medical bills and coming up with a financial plan since THAT IS MY JOB NOW!

Yes things are bad right now…….diving in!

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

One Response to 52 Weeks…..I am not close to done, will I ever be?

  1. Yes, jam counts. 🙂

    I think you have more floor showing in your craft room/office than I did… But it looks like you’ve got a much smaller space! Your thread rack – details, please!? Who, what, when and where! Mine is tossed in bins and drawers and I need a better solution!

    Hope you start feeling better and can get back to the things you like!

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