52 Weeks….Where Am I??

Spending such a long time gone from home really screws one up.  Add that to the fact that I am only home 2 weeks and off I am going again to visit my oldest daughter who lives in Reno, a good 6.5 hour drive away. 

I finally decided I must get my car looked at because when starting, sometimes it would go right back down to 0 RPMs and other times it would be fine.  But it happened at my doctor’s office the other day and it took forever for it to be normal without dying.

So after having my mother drive me in to pick up my car (please Lord, don’t ever make me ride with my mother again), I pay our beloved mechanic $600.00 and hear him tell me I must have new tires before driving to Reno.  Great didn’t I just put new tires on this dang car.  Oh that’s right, YD lived with us for 7 months and drove back and forth to San Diego how many times (12 hour drive).

So today’s organization is this:  Make a note in  my new Stephanie O’Shea planner to rotate my tires in 3 months or 6,000 miles.  Or maybe I will put a sticky note under the oil change sticker in my window.  SOMETHING.  How much money did I waste never rotating that last set of tires??

This week was DH’s birthday, his colonoscopy and then yesterday our 33rd wedding anniversary.  So this was not a normal week.  So I will entertain you with a shot of my new planner and my darling granddaughter at her 3rd birthday party, wearing the darling dress that I made her:

Oh yeah that’s my new gardening journal too!  Need to be able to remember what worked and what didn’t since my brain is not holding that information very well anymore.  Also I am on the shower challenge and doing well this week.  Thanks Stephanie!

Yes I know, too cute.  I cannot believe it is the first dress I have made my granddaughter.  Her baptismal gown was purchased by her Godmother, my oldest daughter….and not made from her mother’s wedding dress….but I did buy a pattern for one.  Maybe the next grandchild??? One can only hope…..and try to plan…..

So I need another week or two to get fully back into the swing of things.  Next week I will be sewing, sewing and sewing in Reno while OD is at work.  I am hoping  to get a few things done and maybe I will start my own pinterest.com boards….am I the only one who did not know about this fabulous site?  Saw my daughter on it one day and FELL IN LOVE.

I am raising my glass (of lemoncello, vodka and pelligrino with a twist of lemon) to all the participants who are keeping me at it and to Laura for hosting us each week from www.orgjunkie.com!

About Allysgrandma
Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

4 Responses to 52 Weeks….Where Am I??

  1. Becky L says:

    What a busy lady and so glad you can enjoy your daughters even though they are far away. $600 seems high for a diagnosis for a car? Or is that the price of tires as well? It’s always something! Like a new washer for us this week and loving it though! Cute little dress for granddaughter. I’ve not made any clothes for mine yet. Will have to check out pinterest as I’ve heard of it but don’t know what it is. Going down to Field of Flags this afternoon, honoring the fallen in 9/11 attack. Will blog it soon. It’s been mid 90s all week and to cool into 80s on Monday finally! Organizing for me is going slowly but am getting ready to paint my dining room in a week. Have to take shelves down on a wall so that will involve cleaning all the mugs we bought in England for souvenirs. oh joy! Take care and Happy 33rd Anniversary~ and many more to you and your hubby. Our 34 is next month. Hugs and God bless!

  2. Sarah says:

    That dress is adorable. Safe travels!

  3. minervasgardenwriter says:

    How nice to be able to travel and see friends and family–well done! I need to get more organized–I go through phases of organization, and then I get too busy and it tends to fall by the wayside. But I have got my office area organized pretty well, and it makes life a lot easier. I also started notebooks for my blogs, complete with calendars, so when I get ideas I have one organized spot to put them all in–that has helped me a lot.

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