August 24, 2019-My Baby’s Birthday!

My baby #3 is 32 today.  She has two babies of her own who just turned 5&11.  Ally decided, 5 years after her first season, to play soccer again.  Pyper wanted to play as soon as she could so both had games today. Pyper’s two games were first, followed by one for Ally.  It was unseasonably warm for Humboldt County today, out at the Redwood Fields in Cutten.

For many years my baby played soccer, not recreational fun soccer, but serious class 1 traveling team soccer.  #3 was a gifted athlete who was good in several sports, but really good at soccer.  If you can believe it, I videotaped almost every single game she ever played. By the time #3 began at age 5 or 6, I can’t quite remember, her older sisters had long since switched from sports to cheerleading.  #1 and #2 daughter were not really gifted athletes though #2 did quite well at a triathlon when she was 10. She finished in the middle, but started out poorly with her swimming.  She did not realize she could swim however she wanted so she fell behind, but once she was biking she caught up well and running was good too.  But #3 was the athlete of the family and we spent so much time and money nurturing this love.  #3 was quite shy, hung out more with the boys playing soccer out in the fields at grammar school.  Being an athlete was a real plus for her.  It brought her built in friends and lots of positive affirmation.

So once again we are up early, packed our portable chairs, drinks and snacks and we head out to the soccer fields to start the process all over again.  The only thing more enjoyable than watching your children play sports is watching your grandchildren!

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Passionate homemaker after 40 years of working and raising daughters! Finally time for my first love (other than DH who I met when I was 12)....sewing and quilting.

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