Grandma to the Rescue

Even if it is across the US for 7 weeks!  My Marine son-in-law has new orders and my daughter is booked solid with her photography business until the end of May when they prepare for their move to San Diego, Camp Pendleton.  I thought this day would never come that they would be in the same state as I live!  My darling granddaughter had been attending a day care/preschool, but was coming home with stories that were not very reassuring.  After the third day of this, I got a phone call.  It took me 24 hours to be ready and off I went…..

I have spent the past two weeks cooking and shopping and reading books and even getting some sewing in.  I brought my Bernina and my BabyLock serger with lots of fabric and everything I needed to work on my Farmer’s Wife quilt blocks and other projects.

I was very lucky to be in a local quilt shop when a friend/customer of the owner came in with fabric swatches she bought at a sale at Environments, Inc, a preschool-kindegarten furniture manufacturer and wholesaler of educational books and toys.  I immediately called my daughter to meet me to take me to the sale along with my granddaughter since my son-in-law needed my car (the kids traded in their two cars and bought a new Juke thinking they were moving to Hawaii as this was my son-in-law’s first orders, only to be changed). 

We looked up the address, put it in her navigation system and off we went.  It was a part of Beaufort my daughter had never been to, the industrial part of town, which is unlike any other industrial area I have seen (except where I live).  It was even more beautiful and rural with the businesses hid in the trees.

We finally found the right spot and there was a parking lot sale of really great kids furniture, books, toys AND fabric swatches from Robert Kaufman, P&B Textiles, and Hoffman Fabrics.  I started picking up the little bundles that were marked $1.00 or $2.00.  I asked an employee how much for a few of them that were not marked.  She went over and asked an older gentleman and she came back and said she could “mark them down”.  I wanted practically every single one I picked up and there were not many people at the sale, it was winding down clearly.  I finally asked if she could find out how much for “all the fabric”. 

The same gentleman came over, looked at the table of samples and said, “How about $50.00 for all of it”.  SOLD!!  Except this lovely lady proceeded to find all the fabric samples under the display tables, in other boxes until we had so much it could hardly fit in my daughter’s car with half the back seat folded down…..along with over 60 books, Melissa and Doug puzzles and preschool/K workbooks perfect for my 3.5 year old granddaughter!!  In all I spent $175.00. 

I counted out $100 worth of fabric when I got home, and it was a very small amount of the total fabric.  Not to be political, but I couldn’t help but think when Nancy Pelosi (from my state) said “we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it”.  Well I had to buy all the fabric and get it home to see what I bought!!

I have spent 2 days organizing by fabric line, and now am pulling off the cardstock stapled or grometted (is that a word) labels and putting in zip lock bags for shipping. 

I have so much fabulous fabric, when added to my huge stash at home…..I really cannot buy anymore fabric unless it is a solid cream or white to contrast with all the absolutely fabulous fabric I bought.

When I get home towards the end of May, I will try to post some pictures.  I just finished with the batiks…just beautiful.  I think this was a bargain of a lifetime! 

So I am not home to participate in my usual Tuesday Garden Party.  My husband has been really good at texting me pictures of my blooming tulips and pink columbines.  The forget me nots and blue columbines are probably blooming too!

Until then I will be playing and cooking and cleaning and walking the dog and playing with fabric!

8 years ago today…..

My dad turned 78.  It was Thanksgiving Day.  He passed away that morning.  I cannot believe it was 8 years ago today.  We went ahead with our dinner as my oldest daughter’s boyfriend’s family had come from the Bay Area to meet us and spend Thanksgiving.  I treasure the time we had with the Barlow family that Thanksgiving and the wonderful memories.  They were a comfort to me that day and helped me to realize that life truly does go on.

Tuesday Garden Party, September 6, 2011….Happy Birthday DH!

Wow I have been away so long.  3 weeks in South Carolina…the hurricane just missed us, then getting back and having so much to do!  DH watered  and my 82-year-old mother came over and deadheaded along with my sweet BF neighbor who greeted me when I got home with the yummiest oreo cupcakes.

I am overall disappointedwith the performance of our garden….well I should say the tomatoes.  In invested so much in them after attending a seminar this year really hoping, but let’s face it, here in Humboldt, on the coast, it is just darn hard to grow tomatoes without a greenhouse.

Getting back into the swing of things includes today is DH’s birthday along with his precolonoscopy day.  He did not plan that very well.  I spent a fair amoun of time ouside and probably need to pick more zucchini.  I think I will go check. 

In the meantime, here is what awaited me when I got home:



It’s Monday, what and where am I reading?

I am very lucky in that  a cyber friend (a friend you met on the internet and have not necessarily met in person) sent me The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo” and the second one in the series too.  So that is what I am reading.   I did not realize until recently that the author Stieg Larsson died before these books were published.  It is really too bad he did not see what a phenomenon these books have become.  Everyone says they are really good.  I am just getting started, but feel very lucky I did not have to wait in line at the library (I am too cheap to buy books!).  Thanks Theresa! 

So I guess I am reading in Sweden!

Tuesday Garden Party


I am a bit embarrassed to say this is it for my garden this week:

These were 3/$1.00 at Rite-Aid.  I have other seeds that all need to be started soon.

Oh wait, DH pulled this out the other night from our garden:

Isn’t it cute?  I grated it into a salad.  These were from seeds from 2006!  Only 2 came up and survived.  But hey at least I know they take no care after planting.  Notice the carrot seed packet above.   

Life has been a bit overwhelming the past few weeks.  Partly my own fault.  I had a great time making these for an art show on Saturday that my daughter’s photos were in:

I am continuing my organizing and sewing projects too.  I think I need to read up on everyone else’s links to get myself motivated.  It has been cold and clear and I did end up watering this morning my daffodils and my so cute primroses from last week.  Rain is coming this weekend, a good time to get my seeds started inside.  I will plan to do it then, in fact I am going to go write it in my planner, you know, commit to it!

Happy gardening everyone!

Tuesday Garden Party

Aahh it’s Tuesday!  This weekend we had rain on Saturday briefly followed by more sun.  My husband decided to mow the lawn, but the lawnmower would not start.  We hauled it into the back of the truck and headed for .  I said I would go too, acting like the good wife.  Once the lawnmower was installed in the service department, I said, “Let’s go look at the garden shop”.   It was pretty sparse, still early in the season, but found these beautiful primroses:

Yes that is a pumpkin there!  I have a bunch of nice pots from my elderly neighbor who moved to Minnesota to be near her son and daughter-in-law.  I got busy right away:

I put them out at the end of the driveway in the side yard on the display shelf also from my ex-neighbor (who is my total inspiration going into the second half of my life).

Please ignore the weeds, especially the one growing between the driveway and the border (I have fibromyalgia and cannot do as much as I would like)!  Here are some closeups:

Aren’t they pretty?  They had bright pink too, but I figured DH would be more likely to be enthusiastic if I picked these.  In other orange/ flower news, yesterday DH brought home Birds of Paradise:

I know I need to trim them, but I just wanted to stick them in water quick!  He also was given these by the same customer:

I made some into fresh squeezed OJ this morning and fed my DH along with this:

This is a recipe from

I forgot fontina cheese, so I substituted Kraft Mexican mix…haha.  I added spinach and 2 pieces of cooked bacon too.  It was yummy!  I used 3 eggs and 4 egg whites to make it a little bit lower in Power Points.  I need to put it in the recipe calculator at Weight Watchers to get the exact number.

The weather has been beautiful and my daffodils are about 4 inches high.  It won’t be long until they bloom! 

I am gardening for the first time in many years, but this year over winter my spinach, kale, arugula, turnips and lettuce all have survived and are producing.  We have a temperate climate here in Humboldt County so we can grow lots through the winter.  We are lucky!

Tuesday Garden Party, January 4, 2010

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Humboldt and when we arrived home from breakfast with our friends, I told DH I thought he should mow the lawn and prune the rosebushes.  He started to complain and as we turned the corner, our neighbor was out mowing his lawn.  We pulled in to our driveway, he but the motor and came over to talk to DH as I got my granddaughter out of the car and into the house.  A few minutes later he was getting the lawnmower out and proceeded to work all day in our yard.  Before he trimmed back all our plants, roses and flowers he did manage to cut a few. 

Here they are in my windowseal along with a few others:

The Kalanchoe and little mum are both from the same neighbors.  They are a young couple whose parents both live out of state.  We tend to “watch over them” and they are quite generous in their thanks.

This paperwhite is also from Amy next door, and I bought myself the Amarylis this year.  It is just about ready to bloom.

I have not ordered from seed catalogs as we have just started gardening again, now that the kids are grown and we are not traveling every weekend here or there, chasing around the sporting events that kept us busy for so many years.

I am looking at an Oregon Cottage ( picks for seed catalogs and am thinking of calling and requesting a couple!